The BCD Arts Team believes that education in the arts transforms life from black and white to vibrant color that awakens the senses and fuels creative energy. Our fine arts goal is to empower students with the tools to draw out those parts of themselves that there are no words to express. Visual arts, music, and theater provide opportunities to explore, invent, improvise, and reflect as students find their individual path to creativity. Through creating and performing, BCD students develop abstract thinking, aesthetic valuation, and the ability to analyze music, art, and theatrical performances. Skill is developed over time with material that is developmentally appropriate; and when preparation meets opportunity, creativity happens.

Performing Arts

The performing arts play a significant role in the BCD experience. Beginning in our early grades, creativity is encouraged and nurtured in all classrooms – not just in music rooms. BCD students experience the delight, wonder, self-assurance, and creative thinking that comes with musical and performance accomplishment.
Music at BCD is diverse, offering opportunities for: singing, playing instruments, movement and dancing, performing, listening, developing musical literacy, learning about musicians, styles, and cultures, and more. 
Preschool through 3rd grade students take weekly general music classes, in which they sing, move, play instruments and games, explore, and more. Some of the instruments include: percussion, drums, xylophones and glockenspiels, and recorders. All students perform on the BCD stage throughout the school year.
4th and 5th grade students at BCD participate in combined vocal and instrumental ensembles. These students choose either Bulldog Singers (choir) or Concert Band. Bulldog Singers welcomes a variety of singers from 4th and 5th grade; Concert Band offers students the opportunity to play flute, clarinet, alto saxophone, trumpet, trombone, or percussion. Both the Bulldog Singers and Concert Band perform at BCD during the Fall, Winter/Holiday, and Spring Concerts. Additionally, these ensembles perform off campus for various events and outreach. 
BCD middle school students can choose to participate in Spotlight Singers (choir) or Wind Ensemble (band). Students in these ensembles develop their musicianship through weekly rehearsals and performances, including the Fall Concert, Winter/Holiday Concert, Spring Concert, and BCD Commencement. These ensembles regularly participate in workshops, clinics, competitions, outreach performances, and more. Some highlights include: performing the national anthem at CU basketball games; performing at the Dairy Center, performing at Walt Disney World, performing at senior living centers, and more.
In addition to Spotlight Singes and Wind Ensembles, middle school students may select music Explore classes. All middle school students participate in Explore classes as part of their regular school day. Past music Explore classes have included: Guitar, Ukulele, History of Rock, Songwriting, and Rock Band.

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Friday Assembly is a cornerstone of community-building and performance at BCD. Each week a different grade is on stage to perform, exhibiting courage and risk-taking while sharing talents, newfound skill, and artistic passion. Parents and guardians are welcome to attend and this tradition of coming together to support the arts, is foundational in every student experience.
In addition to grade level plays and performances, BCD offers specific Assembly opportunities for performance These include:
  • Fall Concert: Bulldog Singers and Concert Band (4th and 5th grade); Spotlight Singers and Wind Ensemble (middle school)
  • Winter/Holiday Concert: Preschool, K-3, Bulldog Singers, Concert Band, Spotlight Singers, Wind Ensemble 
  • Spring Concert: Bulldog Singers, Concert Band, Spotlight Singers, Wind Ensemble
  • K-2 Musical
  • 3-5 Grade Musical
  • Middle School Musical
  • GrandFriend’s Day: all grades
  • BCD Commencement: Bulldog Singers, Concert Band, Spotlight Singers, Wind Ensemble
  • Fall, Winter, and Spring Talent Shows: open to K-8 students

Visual Arts

Visual arts instruction is designed to challenge students to plan, investigate, make inferences, evaluate, and critique themselves and others through their art. Students in Kindergarten through fifth grade study fundamental 2D and 3D art skills, aesthetics, art terminology, and art history. Multi-cultural perspectives in art develop cultural awareness and respect for diversity in our global society.

Middle school students will be challenged to create work using a variety of mediums and techniques ranging from drawing, painting, sculpture, ceramics, printmaking, photography, etc. It is our aim to expose students to many different types of art and artists from around the world while supporting them to freely create work of their own that represents their personal vision.

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Fine Arts Week at BCD

Each school year in March, Arts Week at BCD is held. Arts Week features professional artists-in-residence who work with BCD students, an annual student art show, performances, and more.

Arts Week 2023

Arts Week 2018

Arts Week 2017

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