Kersey Cares

Kersey Cares is the student service learning program at BCD. This program connects students with local organizations as students contribute philanthropically, with in-kind donations and with time spent on service learning field trips. Each grade level, Kindergarten through 8th Grade, participates in at least one service learning field trip during the school year. The focus of the program is on cultivating empathy, building awareness, and pursuing environmental and social justice. Students understand how volunteerism and the donation of goods and services directly benefit our community and the larger global community.

The outcome is a community conscience, empathetic leader with a strong foundation in global and social awareness. Our non-profit partners vary by division and service learning trips correlate with classroom curriculum. This structure adds depth and breadth to the students’ involvement. Parents are welcome to volunteer on these trips.

Service-Learning Skills

Self Awareness, Empathy, Perspective, Environmental Sustainability, Social & Global Awareness, Action

Lower Elementary

In partnership with the Boulder County Parks and Open Space, BCD students in Kindergarten through 3rd grade form relationships with local rangers to learn about our unique western environment, animal habitats and provide a valuable service. The custom group projects enable our youngest students to be in safe and supervised outdoor settings while measurably benefitting our beautiful parks and open space. Some of the specific focus areas for students in kindergarten through 3rd grade are listed below. Note: Projects may change from year to year based on need.  

  • Kindergarten: Walden Ponds: Animal habitat and scavenger hunt. Education Series: Insects and Spiders
  • 1st grade: Park location TBD. Education Series: Mammal Tracking
  • 2nd grade: Park location TBD. Education Series: Pollinators
  • 3rd grade: Park location TBD. Education Series: Boulder County Animals

Upper Elementary

A partnership with Community Food Share allows BCD students in 4th and 5th grade opportunities to serve the community and address the significant issue of food insecurity. BCD students support Community Food Share’s mission and provide a wide range of thoughtful and fundamental services to families to aid in the goal of a hunger-free community. Note: Projects may change from year to year based on need. 

Middle School

All middle school students are required to complete 20 hours of service learning by the end of each school year. Service completed over the summer counts toward the following school year. We will provide several opportunities throughout the year for students to work toward this goal through field trips to local organizations set up by the MS service learning coordinator, as well as through on-campus activities that students may sign up to support. Though we encourage students to volunteer and get involved with organizations closely related to their own interests, we also keep a list of recommended nonprofit organizations students may wish to learn more about and contact if they are in need of ideas. For 8th graders, service learning hours completed in conjunction with their Capstone project count toward the 20 hour minimum. 

Family Service Opportunities

In the spring, BCD families join forces for an outdoor project through Boulder County Parks and Open Space such as reforesting open space areas detrimentally affected by winter storms, flood reparation, etc.

Community Food Share 

Families are welcome to volunteer together with community food share. Opportunities vary and more information on how you can volunteer as a family can be found on their website.  
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