In BCD’s Athletics program, students develop athletic skills, build self-esteem, and learn team leadership skills. They also explore the meaning of discipline, commitment, resilience, and hard work. The supportive team environment encourages students to be themselves, to take risks, and to embrace the diversity of their team members - all powerful lessons that translate off the court or field.
We hope our student athletes fall in love with a sport and choose to pursue it outside of BCD - either in high school or on various club teams.

Sports Offered

Girls Boys Co-Ed
Basketball Basketball Cross Country
Soccer Soccer Spirit Squad
Volleyball Volleyball Ultimate Frisbee

Students in grades 5th - 8th are eligible to play on all BCD sports teams. Fifth grade participation is based on enrollment, but typically all interested 5th graders are welcomed onto the rosters. Typically 85-90% of 5th - 8th graders play on one or more teams and many play every season. Some athletes balance BCD sport with outside club teams and many go on to play sports in high school.

Our League

BCD is a member of the MSAL (Middle School Athletic Conference) which is comprised of 9 teams. 
BCD, Peak to Peak, Prospect Ridge, and Dawson, Faith Christian, Stargate, Flatirons Academy, Global Village Academy, and Jefferson Academy
BCD looks at each child in terms of the whole person, not just the academic piece. We also give them the social skills they need to prepare them to succeed in life."

- BCD Teacher

Our Athletic Directors

Randie Wirt (right) - Athletic Director (and CU Women's Basketball Alumna)

Amelia Hays (left) - Assistant Athletic Director

Our Coaching

Boulder Country Day School is proud to partner with Positive Coaching Alliance to bring training and education to our program to help establish a positive, character-building experience for our athletes. BCD has additionally provided PCA education for parents on how they can help their children make themselves, their teammates and the game better.

Meet our Mascot - Kersey

Each year, a middle school student takes on the roll of being our school mascot, Kersey the bulldog.

Kersey is named after BCD’s long time faculty member, Doyle Kersey. Mr. Kersey has been a member of our faculty and staff since our original founding and is considered by many to be the patriarch of our school. Mr. Kersey currently teaches Latin to students in 6th – 8th grade.

Alumni Athletic News

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