Preschool through IB Middle School

Application Process

We offer an online application. Please click here to be taken directly to the application form for completion. The non-refundable online application fee is $75.00 for Kindergarten - 8th Grade and $50.00 for Preschool.

Records Release Request Form
Teacher Recommendation Form - Preschool
Teacher Recommendation Form - Elementary
Teacher Recommendation Form - Middle School 

Mail to The Office of Admission
Boulder Country Day School, 4820 Nautilus Court North, Boulder, Colorado 80301

Rolling Admission
BCD does not have application deadlines. We accept applications for admission throughout the year and will enroll admitted students as availability permits.

Boulder Country Day School's Non-Discrimination Policy

Boulder Country Day School celebrates, honors, and appreciates all forms of diversity in an environment of inclusivity. Individual differences are highly regarded, nurturing the human dignity of each member of our community. Our intentional work to embrace and understand the value of diversity, equity, inclusivity, and social justice affords the freedom for all members of our school community to flourish as unique, confident, compassionate, and ethical individuals. Boulder Country Day does not discriminate against any employee, student, applicant for employment, or applicant for admission on the basis of age, disability, culture, ethnic origin, nationality, race, color, religion, creed, family, marital status, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, genetic information, military service, socioeconomic status or any other applicable status protected by federal, state, or local law.

Admission Checklist

Fill out an inquiry form. Please click here for the form. You may also request a tour, with specific dates and times, on this form

  • Click here to be directed to our online admission application.
  • Once the application is received, the Admission Office will contact you to schedule a shadow day and assessment.
  • Have your current teacher complete and return Teacher Recommendations(s). Recommendations are required for all Preschool and pre-Kindergarten applicants who have been in a daycare or preschool setting. One form is required for Preschool and grades K-5th and two are required for Middle School (English and Math). See above links for recommendation forms. The online application will also offer you the opportunity to enter your teacher’s email address so a letter of recommendation can be sent directly to them.
  • Request that school records and standardized test scores be sent to Boulder Country Day (if applicable to applying grade). Click here for form.

Birth Date Entry Requirement

Preschool students must be 2.5 years old to enter our preschool. These students are admitted on a rolling basis through December of each year as space permits.

For Kindergarten admissions we follow the September 30th date as a guide and younger applicants are assessed to determine readiness. Furthermore, we assess all applicants to BCD who are not already enrolled in BCD's pre-kindergarten program.

Admission FAQs

List of 6 frequently asked questions.

  • Is there an application deadline?

    Boulder Country Day uses a rolling admission policy. This means that we will continue to receive applications until our classes are filled.  While there is no deadline, we encourage early application to ensure there is a spot. To find out if there are spaces available, please contact the Office of Admission at
  • Once I submit an application, what is the next step?

    For all grades, the Office of Admission will contact you to schedule a student assessment and a classroom shadow visit for your child. Shadow visits range in length depending on the age of the student but are required for all. Preschool hosts group playdates as well as individual shadows. Also, teacher recommendation forms from the current teacher are required for Kindergarten - 8th grade students and all preschool applicants who are already in daycare. Middle School requires two recommendations from the Math and English teachers. School records, and any test scores must also be submitted to complete the application file.
  • Which grades require a student assessment?

    A shadow visit is required of all applicants. Academic assessments are required only for Kindergarten through 8th grade applicants.  
  • What is evaluated in the student assessment?

    During its assessments, BCD is trying to determine if the applicant is ready for our learning environment and community. We want to ensure that if we admit the student, that they will thrive here. We assess each child's reading, writing, and math skills as well as various elements of social and emotional development. The goal is to assess "fit", both for BCD and the student.
  • How long does the assessment take?

    Assessments take approximately 1 hour.
  • When will I be notified if my child has been accepted?

    Because we work on a rolling basis, families will typically be notified within two weeks of their child's application completion and shadow visit/assessment.
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Boulder Country Day School, where academic distinction meets education with character. BCD is a top rated, accredited private school in Boulder, Colorado where every child has the opportunity to discover their own unique excellence. Distinguished by small class sizes, outstanding faculty, engaging academics and a focus on community, our preschool, elementary and IB middle school teachers strive to create a well-rounded educational environment that balances traditional subjects with the arts, world languages, athletics and project-based learning.