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Parent Education Series

The BCD Parent Education Series offers free, public presentations designed to help parents navigate their roles and responsibilities in the face of an increasingly complex world. Speakers and topics are selected based on current relevance to children and parents. Past topics include: Media and Internet Safety, Understanding the Gifted & Talented personality, Healthy Eating Habits, and Anti-Bullying.

Most events are open to the public. All events are free. Please review our schedule and come join us.

Whole Family Resilience: Psychological Flexibility Skills for Parents and Children in Difficult Times

February 24, 2021 from 6:00pm- 7:30pm via Zoom

Parents Will Learn:
- What resilience means and why it’s important for emotional health
- Parenting strategies to foster resilience and increase psychological flexibility in kids
- Skills to help parents care for their own emotions as they do the hard work of raising children

Dr. Debbie Sorensen is a clinical psychologist in Denver Colorado. She has a Ph.D. in Psychology from Harvard University and a bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Anthropology from the University of Colorado, Boulder. She is a co-host of the Psychologists Off the Clock podcast, and has co-authored a book on Acceptance and Commitment Therapy that will be released in May, 2021.

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Using Identity, Diversity, Justice and Action (IDJA) to Reduce Prejudice through Collective Action and Allyship

March 9, 2021 from 6:00pm- 7:30pm via Zoom

Teaching Tolerance expert, Sara Wicht, will join us again to help us take our understanding of the Teaching Tolerance framework one step further by putting IDJA into action at home. Ms. Wicht will discuss:
  • How do we talk about social justice issues with young people in a way that is age and developmentally appropriate?
  • How do we understand our own motivations to move toward allyship?
  • How can individuals use their privilege(s) as a tool to achieving liberation for all?
  • How can school communities build coalitions for collective action and impact social change at the local, state and national level?
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Resource List from prior PES events

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Presentation by Brian Dino
, Media Program Coordinator of Common Sense Media on social media, cell phone use, and internet safety.

Video of Dr. Dan Siegel's presentation on the Adolescent Mind.

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