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Parent Education Series

The BCD Parent Education Series offers free, public presentations designed to help parents navigate their roles and responsibilities in the face of an increasingly complex world. Speakers and topics are selected based on current relevance to children and parents. Past topics include: Media and Internet Safety, Understanding the Gifted & Talented personality, Healthy Eating Habits, and Anti-Bullying.

Most events are open to the public. All events are free. Please review our schedule and come join us.

Executive Functioning Skills for the 2020-21 School Year

September 23, 2020 from 6:00-7:15pm via Zoom

Presented by Brandon Slade, Founder and President of Stride Learning. As a student, Mr. Slade was diagnosed with ADHD and had to work through his own struggles with academics. Prior to founding Stride Learning, he taught Special Education in BVSD for 10 years. Now days, Mr. Slade helps students to handle academics, and life, with a plan and confidence.

Executive Functioning Skills for the 2020-21 School Year
The return to school following five months away may feel abrupt for students (and families). Let’s set them up to start their year off on the right foot!

Returning to Routine and learning to focus during a time of uncertainty
Executive Function Strategies to support success whether working from home or in-person
Switching Modes successfully between distance and in-person learning
The Movement-Brain Power Connection whereby exercise improves mood and information retention

The 9-Year-Change

October 15, 2020 from 6:00-7:30 via Zoom

Ms. Rubin will present the ‘9 Year Change.’ This parenting session will cover the developmental and psychological changes specific to the 9 year change. One of the biggest themes is that children revisit the push pull dynamic (similar to the 2 year change), but at 9 it is a lot more complicated. A lot is happening in their little brains. Some of the changes are very subtle and when parents can be prepared and knowledgeable about what is happening, it can help parents not take things so personally; it can be very comforting for parents to know they are not alone. Ms. Rubin will seek to clarify the normalcy of some of the behaviors children display and give some tips on how to make this phase more compassionate for all involved.

This event is for BCD parents only. The presentation is geared towards parent of 2nd - 4th graders, but all are welcome.

Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Deborah Rubin

Social Media and the Tween Brain

November 12, 2020 from 6:00-7:30pm via Zoom

In November, we will welcome Deb Rubin again to discuss social media and the tween brain. 

Parents will learn: 
  • Why and how to set boundaries
  • The effects of social media on tweens and the depression and anxiety connection
  • How to step into your powers as the rule maker and example maker

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Resource List from prior PES events

BCD Faculty share ideas on how to Bring Responsive Classroom Home.

Presentation by Brian Dino
, Media Program Coordinator of Common Sense Media on social media, cell phone use, and internet safety.

Video of Dr. Dan Siegel's presentation on the Adolescent Mind.

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