Equity and Inclusion

our intention

- Cultivating a diverse and inclusive community that honors and celebrates difference through dialog and engagement;
- Embody a wide range of multicultural perspectives in the curriculum through practice and materials; 
- Commitment to further diversifying the community of families, faculty and staff through active recruitment of a diverse student body, faculty, staff, and administrators; and
- Be informed by the NAIS (National Association of Independent Schools) Principles of Good Practices - Equity and Justice

Our Commitment to Inclusivity

Boulder Country Day School recognizes and values all forms of diversity and is dedicated to providing an inclusive environment which honors each member for their individual differences, experiences, and strengths. Our intentional commitment to embracing and exploring aspects of diversity, equity, and inclusivity in support of social justice empowers all members of our school community to flourish as unique, confident, compassionate, and ethical individuals.

Parent Testimonial

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  • From the first tour we took until today, our family has been treated like every other family. Being gay is a non-issue.

    When we were researching kindergarten for our now-8th grade daughter, we wanted to find a place where our two-mom family would be welcome. We found that place at Boulder Country Day. From the first tour we took until today, our family has been treated like every other family. Being gay is a non-issue. Our kids have made friends, been invited to playdates, and gone to birthday parties just like other kids. We made friends with other parents and regularly socialize with them. When my wife was diagnosed with a serious illness, the BCD community stood by us: meals delivered, carpools arranged, kids taken to the movies -- so many acts of kindness it's hard to recount them all. This is an intentionally kind and inclusive community. Both our kids (who are very different people) have thrived at BCD. The school has a strong academic focus and a structured environment. I wasn't completely sold on the "structured" part when my daughter first started kindergarten. Would it be rigid or stifle creativity? But I realized over time that the structure made my kids feel more secure which meant they could learn and do more. Frank Reagan said that life should be a series of daring adventures from a safe base. BCD has given my kids a safe base. I can already tell my oldest is ready for the daring adventure of high school -- she's thoughtful, confident, academically prepared, and excited for the next challenge. BCD has been a wonderful school for our family.

                           - Shelly Cadora, Board Member

anti-bias education is...

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Meet our Coordinator of Equity and Community Engagement

Gabriel Lopez, MEd.

My journey working towards equity began more than 20 years ago. My first career was in social work where I practiced case management, resource referral, group facilitation, and more. In this field, I learned the value of building relationships with my clients in order to best meet their needs and also came to understand how important it is to be able to recognize the humanity in people. When I chose to move into education, I recognized many of the inequities that I faced in my own life as an immigrant student. I saw the impact these inequities had on students, their families, and colleagues and was proactive in developing culturally relevant pedagogy and advocating for the rights of minoritized students. After almost 10 years of being in the classroom, I decided to go into consulting where I helped individuals within education to engage in the work of diversity, equity, and inclusion. That path led me to find independent schools and in particular, Boulder Country Day School. 

Engaging in the work of equity, inclusion, and social justice is nuanced; it is much more than race and requires that we constantly adjust the lens with which we view the world. I believe in moving in this work with a sense of grace and compassion; the same grace and compassion I appreciate when I make mistakes. 

I invite you to engage in this work.  


Gabriel Lopez

Ways to Engage

BCD invites community members to engage in our various equity and inclusion initiatives.

BCD's Parent Discussion Group on Diversity, Equity & Inclusivity
The goals of this group are to provide an opportunity for BCD parents and caregivers to:
  • Explore social and cultural identities
  • Strengthen relationships and build community
  • Develop tools for supporting children’s positive identity development
Purpose Statement:
We seek to create a positive space for reflection, dialog, learning and growth as opposed to a forum for debate or problem solving around specific issues. It is only through this personal work that we can seek to better understand and support others. In order to create and maintain a welcoming and supportive space in which to engage in such work, we will establish and practice guidelines for discussions and draw upon relevant texts and frameworks, keeping respect and learning at the center.

BCD Affinity Groups
Meetings of people with shared affinity provide opportunities to build community, identify issues and generate discussion. The ultimate goal is to create group environments where parents share experiences, learn from one another and strengthen our community. Affinity groups are for parents, by parents and hosted in casual off-campus locations.
Affinity groups have included:
  • Parents of Students of Color
  • Modern Families
  • Parents of Students with Unique Learner Profiles
NAIS on Affinity Groups

Equity & Inclusion Stories

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