Learning Center

We believe every student deserves to reach their potential. The BCD Learning Center coordinates resources and supports the neurodiversity of our student population and teachers in all grades. Learning Center faculty meet with each grade twice a month to assess individual student needs and partners closely with teachers, students, and parents to clarify whether a child might need acceleration or remediation in any academic area. From there, learning opportunities are provided to enrich and grow high achieving students and provide intervention and academic monitoring to students needing remedial support.

The Learning Center is staffed with six faculty members who have backgrounds in intervention strategies, literacy, special education (gifted and learning disabilities), as well as certifications in particular modalities such as multicultural and bilingual foundations, Orton-GillinghamFountas and Pinnell leveled literacy instruction, Lindamood-Bell, ADHD, among others. Our highly trained Learning Center faculty also engage in meaningful coaching practices to aid teachers in effectively differentiating within the classroom. We remain current with appropriate instructional theory, practice, and research, continually seeking innovative and creative approaches to adjust, modify and enrich our curriculum. The Learning Center supports a variety of pedagogies and grouping strategies, allowing teachers and specialists to individualize goals and tailor instruction for students so that each child may find their excellence at BCD. 
In Preschool, the Learning Center assists teachers by collaborating closely to encourage early identification of students with exceptionalities and possible learning needs. The Learning Center also supports classrooms with multisensory early literacy support.
In Kindergarten, 1st and 2nd grades, the Learning Center provides full grade literacy staffing in collaboration with classroom teachers. K-2nd flooding provides the framework for every student to have leveled small group literacy instruction four days a week. Flooding groups utilize the Orton-Gillingham multisensory method and the Fountas and Pinnell Guided Reading approach to provide students with a structured literacy experience. All BCD elementary teachers and Learning Center faculty have received extensive training in Orton-Gillingham. BCD believes that early intervention for students is the key to lifelong academic success.
Additionally, in grades K-2, the Learning Center supports teachers and students in math by providing resources and direct instruction for differentiation. Learning specialists push into class or pull students into the Learning Center to provide support for enrichment or extra skill practice. Math enrichment activities focus on the application of grade level concepts which take students deeper and wider than the typical curriculum. Targeted instruction focusing on math strategies and the use of learning aids help to improve conceptual understanding for those students who require more time to master grade level skills.
In grades 3rd-5th the Learning Center supports literacy instruction by pushing in or by creating unique groupings to ensure student needs are being met. This support, which happens during key academic times, allows for flexible groupings within the classroom depending on the content area being taught to ensure that each child gets the support they need to achieve that specific task. These groupings are fluid and flexible and are designed to support all learners.
In 3rd – 5th Math, support looks very similar. The Learning Center will either push into classrooms as an additional teacher or pull out and work with small groups on targeted skills whether for intervention or accelerated groupings. Typically by 5th grade, BCD will offer three distinct levels of math; one section being taught by a Leaning Center faculty member
In Middle School, the Learning Center takes a lead role in ensuring a positive transition from 5th to 6th grade. This includes direct instruction on the specific executive functions needed to navigate different teachers, the International Baccalaureate Program, the 1:1 computer program, and increased complexity of academic tasks. The Learning Center also assists students by providing support and extension to those needing so in language arts, math, and managing classwork. These supports are slowly tapered off to provide a guided release of students into high school. The Learning Center also provides every teacher with directed coaching strategies to differentiate curriculum and provide reflective practice to ensure each child’s needs are being met.

BCD academics strive to stay in step with the latest educational research. Our comprehensive reading, writing and math programs help challenge students by spiraling topics, an approach that provides greater opportunity for concept mastery and deeper understanding. From lessons in goal setting to scholastic risk taking to executive processing skills, our highly skilled teachers tailor their instruction to meet each student's specific needs. Furthermore, our dynamic team of learning specialists focuses on the individual, so that all students can discover their own excellence and true academic potential.
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