The BCD Fund

The BCD Fund is the primary fundraising initiative for Boulder Country Day School. This fund empowers us to continue elevating our excellence above and beyond for every student, every day and in every way. Your philanthropy goes directly toward advancing the school by supporting its people and programs through its family of funds. 

The BCD Fund - Family of Funds

The BCD Fund - Family of Funds was created to give you the opportunity to support our annual fund while also designating your gift to an area of our program that is meaningful to you.

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  • Professional Growth

    Invest in the continuing education and growth of our faculty and staff. Our educators and their ability to learn, innovate, and grow is key to delivering the best education and school experience for each BCD student.
  • Diversity & Inclusion

    We want to help each child learn to understand themselves: as learners, as global citizens, and as individuals. Our teachers, staff, administrators, and trustees work hard to make BCD an inclusive and welcoming place for ALL students.
  • Student Experience

    The BCD student experience offers students the co-curricular support needed to be successful and well-rounded. It offers a wide range of resources and programs that reflect a balanced BCD experience: arts, athletics, volunteer opportunities, technology/innovation, and field trips.
  • Financial Assistance

    We believe that a BCD education should be available to all students, regardless of financial status. Your gift helps us to expand financial aid and allows us to empower families to choose BCD for their children.
  • Greatest Need

    Gifts to this fund ensure the financial sustainability of the school by providing flexible support for unforeseen needs and expenses. 

Ways to give

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  • Gift of Cash

    Gifts of cash are the most common and often the easiest way to give to the school. Pledges also can be made and paid in installments. Boulder Country Day accepts gifts of cash in the form of check, VISA, and MasterCard.
  • Stock

    Gifts of appreciated securities or stock can be one of the most advantageous ways of giving. If your gift of stock is one you have owned for more than a year, you may deduct its full fair market value as a charitable contribution while bypassing all capital gains taxes. This gift enables many of our supporters to contribute far more to the school than otherwise would be possible.
  • Colorado Child Care Contribution Credit

    The Colorado Child Care Contribution Credit provides a state tax credit and state and possible federal tax deduction for contributions when given to organizations that have qualifying child care.  Boulder Country Day School’s (BCD) Preschool is a qualifying child care organization.  The state tax credit is 50% of the contribution.  A contribution can be given to BCD with a letter stating you wish to designate your contribution to the Preschool Program.  The letter must be received at the time of the donation. BCD will then designate your contribution to the preschool and give you the appropriate Colorado tax form (DR 1317) at the end of the year.  You will give this form to your tax preparer when you have your state and federal tax returns prepared. Please note In-kind contributions, including stock, property, or any non-momentary donations are not eligible for this credit. 

    Please contact your accountant or tax advisor to determine how exactly the credit will affect you. You may also contact BCD's Business Office for more information on the contribution credit. 
  • Matching Gift

    Many companies have matching gift programs that allow employees to make a contribution to BCD and have a match made directly from your employer to our school.  Please check with your Human Resources Office or use our Double the Donation tool on our Matching Gifts page to see if your company has a matching program.
  • Gifts in Kind

    Any gift of a service or an item needed by the school, such as computer technology, art supplies, or athletic equipment, is considered a Gift In Kind. These contributions have enabled the school to stretch its limited resources to provide a quality education to our students.
  • Bequest

    A General Bequest is a gift of cash satisfied from an estate's general assets. When a portion or all of the remainder of an estate is directed to the school after payment of expenses, debt, and general bequests, it is done through a Residual Bequest.
  • Life Insurance

    A unique way to give is through an existing "paid up" life insurance policy. This allows the donor to make a significant contribution to the school while receiving tax benefits equal to the replacement value or cost basis of the policy, whichever is less.
  • Charitable Remainder Trust

    The Charitable Lead Trust is another way to benefit your family and Boulder Country Day. With this type of trust, you "loan" an asset to the school for a set term of years. The school uses the "lead income" for the designated period of years; after that time, the asset comes back to you or your heirs with favorable tax consequences.
  • Memorial and Honor Gifts

    Many Boulder Country Day alumni and friends of the school have chosen to honor a family member, loved one, or friend by making a contribution in their name. These gifts are a wonderful way to remember or honor someone special while providing scholarship support to current and future students.

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