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At BCD's Preschool we believe in..

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  • Small class size and low child/adult ratios

    Our small class sizes provide individualized attention for each preschool student.  There is truly a personal relationship that develops between the children and their teachers. Our knowledge of each child’s strengths and goals helps teachers to meet individual needs.  Classrooms are organized by age and are class sizes are well below State of Colorado Division of Childcare ratio guidelines. Each preschool classroom has two dedicated faculty members.
  • Providing structure and routines designed with children in mind

    Our classrooms and routines are structured and follow a general “flow” each day. However, our routines are flexible and maintain a balance in all that we do. We challenge our students to reach their highest potential by using research-based curriculum and differentiated teaching practices. 
  • Character development

    BCD’s motto, “Respect yourself. Respect others. Take responsibility for your actions,” is emphasized throughout the school, and supporting character development is an important part of each day. Problem solving, communication and respect for people and the world are focal points and BCD’s program helps students learn to navigate their social world. Conflict resolution skills are taught on a daily basis as teachers consistently model appropriate communication, behavior, words, and strategies for expressing emotion. 
  • Fostering a flourishing faculty

    Our faculty is the “heart and soul” of BCD.  All members of our teaching staff are committed to the school and many have served our community for extended years. Preschool lead teachers have either a Bachelor or Master’s Degree in early childhood education or elementary education. Preschool assistant teachers are all qualified early childhood teachers in the State of Colorado. BCD encourages professional growth by providing our faculty opportunities to engage in on-going professional development and continuing education.
  • Supporting and including families

    BCD promotes strong family/school connections. Parents are always welcome and encouraged to actively participate in classroom activities, field trips and school events. Furthermore, our program supports working parents by offering early arrival, extended day (After 3 at BCD), and summer programs
  • Maintaining an outstanding campus

    BCD is safe and secure. We maintain beautiful campus buildings, facilities, and outdoor spaces that enhance learning and education. Our preschool program is housed in its own building and serves children ages three to five years and their families. The preschool building is set up for young children and our classrooms and outdoor spaces solicit children’s active participation in activities designed to enhance social, emotional, intellectual, and physical growth. The preschool classrooms contain numerous learning centers and materials which support curriculum and encourage exploration. Classrooms contain a variety of reading and writing materials that facilitate language awareness, phonetics, sound recognition, vocabulary development, and emergent reading and writing skills. The classrooms also feature hands-on materials such as blocks, dramatic play props, dress-up clothing, as well as art and craft materials which support social, emotional, and cognitive growth.

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BCD’s preschool program welcomes students starting at age 2 1/2 and runs through Pre-Kindergarten. 

Schedule Options:
3 days until 1:00pm
3 days until 3:00pm
5 days until 1:00pm
5 days until 3:00pm

Our curriculum uses language arts and literacy as its 
framework. Our method of teaching incorporates best practices in education while supporting major objectives in language arts and literacy, number concepts, science, social studies, self-help skills, fine and gross motor skills, and character development
Promoting language arts and literacy skills is an important part of BCD’s preschool program.  We believe in the importance of exposing children to upper and lowercase letters, letter-sound relationships, and phonemic awareness. Beginning reading and writing skills are fostered as teachers actively engage in building children’s conceptual understanding of the printed word in relation to spoken language. 

In addition, BCD’s preschool program promotes children’s beginning understanding of mathematics, numeric and science concepts. Children engage in math and science daily - using age appropriate and hands-on, experiential learning activities that connect to and support their everyday world and experiences. Furthermore, preschool children attend a special science class in our science lab every other week.

Social studies is highlighted as children discover the world in which we live in connection with their families, neighborhoods and communities. Respect for people and the world are daily focal points and problem solving, character education, and conflict resolution skills are intentionally fostered.

In addition to our strong academics, Boulder Country Day’s preschool program incorporates a “Specials” curriculum that includes instruction in world language (French and Spanish), movementmusic, and library skills, science, and technology. Our specials curriculum helps to ensure that every preschool child begins to discover his/her excellence.
We believe that it is a privilege to educate your child and that your child will have the opportunity to discover his or her own excellence at Boulder Country Day.

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  • BCD has taught me how to be a good friend.

    I am a Bulldog
        - Preschool Student

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Boulder Country Day School, where academic distinction meets education with character. BCD is a top-rated, accredited private school in Boulder, Colorado where every child has the opportunity to discover his or her own unique excellence. Distinguished by small class sizes, outstanding faculty, engaging academics and a focus on community, our preschool, elementary and IB middle school teachers strive to create a well-rounded educational environment that balances traditional subjects with the arts, world languages, athletics and project-based learning.