For over 30 years Boulder Country Day School has been at the forefront of education in the Boulder Valley. The hallmarks of our school - Community, Character, Academic Excellence, and Small Class Sizes - are the keys to our success and allow us to create an educational experience where children innovate, create, grow and thrive. We believe our children are our future, and, to that end, we offer a broad-based liberal arts education that focuses on developing lifelong learners and responsible global citizens. The Boulder Country Day challenge, Discover Your Excellence, recognizes that excellence is teachable, personal, and can be achieved in a variety of different disciplines - academic, athletic, community service, leadership, and more. We seek to provide just the right amount of nurture, structure, and latitude to live up to this challenge.

Ideal candidates for employment at BCD share our beliefs and, above all, love working with children. We look for evidence of these traits in a candidate’s education, work, and volunteer experience. We believe everything we do is curriculum, and, as a result, we consider all BCD employees important members of our community. We look for employees who have intellectual lives outside of their classrooms or work spaces, believe intelligence is teachable and achievable and not inborn, are data driven, and ask great questions both of our school and our students.

Members of BCD’s Professional Staff:
  • Find joy in taking risks and failing forward.
  • Are passionate about their work; they are optimistic about and love working in a school environment.
  • Possess a strong sense of integrity; they embody and promote trust and character in our school and its community.
  • Employ innovative practices in their fields; they are curious, creative, and enthusiastic.
  • Are eager to collaborate with multiple constituencies, including employees, parents, students, and members of the greater BCD community.
  • Have a growth mindset; they are open minded, flexible, and reflective.
  • Believe in and are committed to cultivating a diverse, equitable, and inclusive community.
  • Model balance, are deeply curious, and share their interests within and outside of school.
    Boulder Country Day School celebrates, honors, and appreciates all forms of diversity in an environment of inclusivity. Individual differences are highly regarded, nurturing the human dignity of each member of our community.  Our intentional work to embrace and understand the value of diversity, equity, inclusivity, and social justice affords the freedom for all members of our school community to flourish as unique, confident, compassionate, and ethical individuals. Boulder Country Day does not discriminate against any employee, student, applicant for employment, or applicant for admission on the basis of age, disability, culture, ethnic origin, nationality, race, color, religion, creed, family, marital status, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, genetic information, military service, socioeconomic status or any other applicable status protected by federal, state, or local law.

    Available Positions

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    • Director of Auxiliary and Experiential Programs - immediate

      Key Areas of Responsibility
      The Director of Auxiliary and Experiential Programs has the unique opportunity to have a substantial impact on
      students ranging from Preschool to 8th grade, on the BCD community, and on the school's financial health. The
      Director is responsible for three revenue generating elements of programming: extended day, summer/vacation
      camp, the facilities rental, community service, and outdoor and experiential education. The Director will grow and
      enhance extracurricular offerings and provide a diverse array of stimulating educational activities and enrichment
      opportunities for preschool through 8th grade students. The Director is responsible for hiring, training, and
      supervising a diverse staff while ensuring that children are engaged and appropriately cared for. The Director
      oversees all operational and financial aspects of the programs and works closely with administrators at the school.
      In addition, the Director is charged with establishing and creating partnerships with other organizations/vendors in
      order to utilize the BCD campus during the summer or after school to create more opportunities for students and
      employees, as well as create a revenue stream for the school. The Director reports to the CFO.

      This is a full time, year-round position that follows the normal 12-month calendar. Hours are 10:00am to 6: 00pm
      during the school year and 7:45am to 4:15pm during the summer months.

      Required Education and Experience
      ● Bachelor’s Degree; Master’s degree is preferred
      ● Current State of Colorado Large Child Care Center license or willingness to pursue it
      ● A minimum of 3 years of experience in the key areas of responsibility listed above
      ● Proven excellence with project management, short and long-term planning, personnel experience, and
      innovative programming
      ● Demonstrated ability to build trust and collaborate with colleagues
      ● Ability to attend conferences and overnight, outdoor trips up to one week in length.
      ● Valid driver’s license, ability to move about campus, and lift up to 50 pounds
      ● Previous experience hiring, training, and managing others.
      ● Commitment to anti-biased work
      ● Excellent interpersonal, verbal, and written communication skills
      ● Flexibility, strong problem-solving and conflict resolution skills
      ● Excellent organizational skills and attention to detail

      Specific Duties for each program area

      Extended Day (40%): The Director develops and supervises before care, after care, and specialty programming for
      students preschool - 8th grade. Responsibilities include:
      ● Create a student-centered program to include daily aftercare as well as development and organization of
      all enrichment classes
      ● Interview, hire, train and supervise all staff and enrichment instructors
      ● Oversee master calendar, scheduling, internal marketing, and registration processes
      ● Communicate effectively and in a timely manner with parents
      ● Manage budget in cooperation with the business office
      ● Oversee and prioritize health and safety for all after school students.

      Summer/Vacation Camp (40%): The Director designs and runs a successful summer program for students within
      and outside the BCD community. The Director will research viability and then run vacation camps. The Director
      works with the Marketing Department to develop advertising and marketing for the camps. Responsibilities
      ● Oversee all aspects of the camp program including developing engaging, age-appropriate programming for
      campers from ages preschool through 8th grades.
      ● Network in the BCD and Boulder County communities to advertise summer programs
      ● Serve as first point person for parents and families about the program
      ● Hire all staff (Including job descriptions, interviewing, checking references)
      ● Be an active role model and mentor to all staff and counselors in training
      ● Create and maintain a budget in collaboration with the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) and provide a year
      end report
      ● Coordinate all building usage and transportation
      ● Train staff and campers on emergency procedures; communicate relevant information to parents

      Community Service, Outdoor, and Experiential Education (15%): The Director will be charged with building and
      enhancing BCD’s service and education program. Key components include:
      ● Strategic planning and innovation with academic administrators in developing a scope and sequence for
      experiential education at BCD.
      ● Conduct market research to help develop BCD’s program and position the program to be a leader in
      Boulder County.
      ● Collaborate with teachers to align outdoor, travel, and servicing programming with BCD’s Amplify, IB, IEYC,
      and social justice standards curricular programs.
      ● Assist teachers with field trip coordination (reservations, chaperones, background checks, emergency
      protocol, transportation coordination)
      ● Coordination with outside vendors and a faculty trip lead for overnight, travel, and international trips.
      ● Coordinator of the K-8 service learning program which overlays with the field trip and travel programming.

      Partnership and Rentals (5%): The Director of Auxiliary Programs will also be responsible for identifying ways in
      which the school can make full use of its facilities for after school programming and during the summer. Job responsibility includes building ongoing partnerships with outside organizations.
    • Director of Technology and Facilities - immediate

      Boulder Country Day’s Director of Technology and Facilities (DTF) is an inspirational and visionary leader who oversees school operations in the areas of facilities and technology. The DTF plays an important role in the success of the school and is a key participant in the development of the school’s strategic plan, is the school’s primary analyst for strategic decisions related to campus facilities and technology, and, in general, plays a key role in stewarding the school’s campus resources for current and future generations of BCD Bulldogs. The position requires dedication to the School's mission, proven leadership in a school environment, attentiveness to detail, collegiality, ability to build trust, clear and skillful written and oral communication, and a love for students and families. Given the ever-expanding role of technology in campus operations, the position also requires a great deal of familiarity with technologies at all levels of abstraction including networking, security, hardware and software, as well as the ability to translate those resources into tangible and focused initiatives. 

      To illustrate the scope and significance of the position, broad areas of responsibility are listed below:
      The director is a member of the school’s Senior Leadership Team and works to communicate and collaborate with division heads, faculty, staff, parents and students to coordinate the human and physical resources supporting the diverse technology and operational needs on campus. The DTF is responsible for the planning, development, coordination, management, and evaluation of all administrative and educational technologies and facilities. This includes managing the school-wide campus facilities,  network, and infrastructure as well as all educational and employee technologies. The director will be a creative and forward-thinking leader, able above all to motivate and coach their colleagues to explore and adopt the appropriate educational and administrative technologies that allow the school to flourish and ultimately help the school fulfill its educational mission.

      Specific Responsibilities Include (but not limited to):

      • Serve as a member of the school’s Senior Leadership Team 
      • Engage in active, ongoing dialogue and collaboration and provide clear, consistent communication and training with division heads, faculty, staff, parents and students to foster responsible and creative use and integration of technology across campus  
      • Establish, implement, and routinely review a multi-year facilities (including technology) plan guided by BCD’s mission and strategic goals and grounded in input from all school constituencies  
      • Develop and implement measures for evaluating the overall effectiveness of the campus operations, facilities usage, and technology resources 
      • Work with the Head of School and CFO to develop and manage operations budget, including anticipated replacement cycles for PPRRSM and appropriate reserves for unexpected maintenance and breakages  
      • Participate in school leadership projects as needed (for example, serving as co-chair of the ACIS self-study process) 

      IT and Network Administration:  
      • Supervises the management (Network Administrator) of IT infrastructure support staff and oversee all related contracts
      • In collaboration with the Network Administrator, develop, deploy, install, configure, maintain, evaluate, and refresh all school technology infrastructure, hardware systems, and end user devices.
      • In collaboration with the Network Administrator, develop, install, configure, maintain and upgrade, evaluate, and refresh all school software and cloud-based client systems 
      • Ensure availability, reliability, and uptime of school-wide technology systems  
      • Empower all technology users with service, training and ongoing learning opportunities that ensure technology is leveraged
      • Maintain a comprehensive system for documentation of network settings and maintenance protocol for all technology systems and software  
      • Develop, research, and implement appropriate network security measures and procedures; regularly test for and evaluate network vulnerabilities  
      • Monitor and manage regular file back-up of all critical systems.
      • Keep abreast of current networking and infrastructure technologies, researching and training as necessary 
      •  Work with decision makers to identify, research, recommend, develop, implement, and support cost-effective technology solutions for all aspects of school operations  
      • Coordinate and support diverse campus constituencies in the use and maintenance of the interdependent information systems that support work on campus (SIS, Web, departmental databases, grading and scheduling systems, etc.)  
      • Organize workshops and professional development opportunities to meet the diverse needs of the BCD community 
      • Plan, develop, coordinate, manage, and evaluate all administrative and educational technologies and facilities. 

      • Supervises the management (Facilities Manager and groundskeeper) of building, grounds security, maintenance and repair, landscaping, transportation (Bus) and oversee all related contracts
      • Serve as on call after-hours school emergency responder
      • Ensure that safety and emergency response plans are up to date, including classroom safety and security signage
      • Coordinate safety and security drills with Head of School and SLT
      • Ensure that annual inspections by local and state officials – including but not limited to fire, elevator, sprinklers
      • Oversees management of campus security systems, including the lock and key system with regard to access and key distribution 
      • In concert with Facilities Manager and CFO, prepare the facilities operational budget 
      • Work with the CFO and the Facilities Manager to forecast PPRRSM expenditures and timetables 
      • Non-voting member of the Board Facilities Committee 
      • With the Head of School and CFO, coordinates planning, execution and financing of construction projects
      BCD’s Director of Technology and Facilities is an exempt level, full time (full school year schedule and calendar), and in-person role reporting to the Head of School.  Interested candidates should send a letter expressing their interest along with a current resume
    • Bus Driver

      Boulder Country Day School, (a private Preschool through 8th grade located in Boulder) is looking for a part-time school bus driver. Trips are generally scheduled a week or more in advance and our drivers can choose which trips to accept. Driver will operate a school bus seating no more than 72 children and adults and will be needed for field trips and after-school sporting events, averaging 5 trips per month between late August through May.

      Hours: Trips will be scheduled in advance
      Range of hours for potential trips - 8:30 a.m. to – 7:00 p.m.

      Pay: Starting at $25 per hour, commensurate with experience

      Benefits: None

      Qualifications & Skills:
      • Must possess a valid Colorado Commercial Driver’s License (CDL Class B) with  P- Passenger Endorsement and S – School Bus Endorsement; 
      • Must have a clean driving record;
      • Complete a full background check and fingerprint required;
      • Ability to pass drug screenings (pre and post on a random basis as determined by the Department of Transportation (DOT));
      • DOT medical examination required;
      • Must be dependable and punctual;
      • Good with children;
      • Must be 21 or over;
      • Previous/current bus driving experience;
      • Effective communication skills with adults and children.
      If interested in this position and you possess the necessary qualifications, please send a letter of interest, together with qualifications and at least three appropriate references to
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