Preschool through IB Middle School

Literacy Tools in Pre-K

Gemma Fagan, Preschool Teacher
Rebus books have been around for a long time. The premise of this style of book is to substitute pictures in a sentence (for more abstract and undecodable words) so that your child can utilize more complex and meaningful text than their developmental reading level would normally allow. The books focus on the acquisition of high frequency or sight words like I, like, see, can, are, on, the, have etc. and allows your child to use them while reading short sentences. 
The children have been using the rebus books for a while and are given the opportunity to read in front of the class. As this is a new process, we are focusing more on the idea of using all the information in the pictures to “tell the story” as opposed to actually “reading” the books. The children have plenty of time to choose and practice reading their book before standing up to read it. They are a great tool to help teach children that pictures are the key to many early literacy skills, and gives them an opportunity to reverse roles in the classroom, and become the story teller.
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