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  • November

    CO Educators Diversity Recruiting Fair - Feb 9, 2019

    BCD to partipcate in Colorado Educators Diversity Recruiting Fair 2019 as foudning member of the CO Diversity Network.

    Register at -

    More information on the CO Diversity Network can be found at
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  • BCD Takes First Place in Continental Math Competition

    Boulder Country Day School’s 4th & 5th grade Continental Math League team won first place in their division at the Continental Math Tournament held at Aspen Ridge Prep School in Erie on Monday, November 5th. Several BCD students placed within their grades including Alexander O’Hearne 1st Place in 3rd Grade and Amitai Sebba 1st Place in 4th Grade. Several BCD students qualified to move on to a state competition.
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  • October

    All School Open House - November 14th

    Attending an Open House is a great way to learn about Boulder Country Day School, our academic and arts programs as well as to have a chance to meet faculty, administrators and other prospective families. We welcome you to take a look.

    Wednesday, November 14, 2018 - 9:00am - 11:00am 
    9:00am Opening remarks & Welcome
    9:30am Campus Tours & Class Observations
    10:30am Q&A Panels with students, teachers, & BCD parents

    Saturday, December 1, 2018 - 10:00am - 12:00pm
    Campus Tours departing every half hour.
    Students welcome and encouraged!
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  • Parent and Child Class sessions starting Nov 27th

    Boulder Country Day School offers parent and child classes. Children 2-3 years of age and their parent/caregiver will experience the magic of our preschool program, while being introduced to our inviting campus and our outstanding early childhood professionals.

    Our parent and child classes offer a mixture of art, music, story time, movement, and other exciting experiences carefully designed for young children. Each class will feature an engaging story-time, musical experiences such as song, hands-on activity, a snack for the children, and coffee for adults.

    We also offer coffee and conversation for parents and caregivers focusing on toddler related and child development topics. Find answers to challenging parenting questions and concerns, connect with other parents and caregivers and get to know BCD, our nurturing environment, and all that we have to offer.

    Each year we offer three, 8-week sessions. Try one or attend all. We hope you join us!

    Register for - November 27th - January 29th
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  • BoCo High School Fair - October 10th at BCD

    Free and Open to the Public. All Boulder County middle school students and their families are invited to come meet with local public and private high schools as well as the over 60 boarding schools that will be in attendance. The event will run from 6:30pm – 8:00pm in the Boulder Country Day School gymnasium and is structured open house style. 

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  • August

    2018 Back to School Video

    I was a great first week back. Here is a fun video capturing the highlights.

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  • The Margin of the Heart

    John Suitor, Head of School
    Creating a sense of community is one of the most important things we can do to help our students learn. But, it’s hard to measure. As schools turn to the analytics and hard data of the business world to evaluate performance, standardized test scores and 3rd party rankings are becoming the balance sheets of education used to quantify school success, teacher effectiveness, and student achievement. Lost in this analysis is “the margin of the heart,” the often unquantifiable curriculum of community – the good stuff that enriches humankind.  
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  • Love & Logic Basics at BCD - September 18th

    BCD will start this year's Parent Education Series with Love & Logic Basics: Avoiding Power Stuggles presented by Tonya Lewis of Love & Logic on September 18th at 6:00pm

    Do you ever wish -
    Kids would just listen the FIRST time?
    You could get chores done without a struggle?
    You had a way to instantly stop the arguing?
    ...And more daily child related challenges.....

    Then join us for: Avoiding Power Struggles, a Parenting w/Love & Logic workshop. Love & Logic is a proven, evidence based program that made a HUGE difference in your family. Presented by Tonya Lewis of Love & Logic.
    NOTE: These techniques are SUPER helpful when dealing with strong willed kiddos!

    Open to the public. Click here to RSVP for this event
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  • Building Social Intelligence in Preschoolers

    Of all the skills we encourage our children to develop, social intelligence may be the most essential for predicting a fulfilling, successful life. Social intelligence is the ability to effectively negotiate interpersonal interactions and complex social environments. It involves effective communication skills, the ability to read non-verbal cues into how other people are feeling and virtues such as empathy and consideration.
    Children learn appropriate behaviors by emulating adults. The easiest way to help your child learn qualities such as patience, forgiveness, compassion, generosity, and gentleness is to model these qualities in your day-to-day interactions with other people and with your children. 
    Preschoolers are social creatures, generally very interested in other and quick to notice and adopt social norms. They're becoming more able to control themselves, and more able to verbalize their feelings, opening up a host of options beyond for communicating and problem solving.  The preschool years are a perfect opportunity to teach social habits and skills that will help them throughout their lifetime. If you would like to read a fascinating article that was recently in the New York Times about how work places are really just like preschool, click here.
    It is completely natural for preschoolers to experience conflicts. Children this age usually want to have things go their way and yet have other children to play with. The ability to negotiate and compromise is honed through the conflicts that arise between toddlers. Be close by but do not intervene in a conflict until you feel that you absolutely need to. Even when you do intervene, make sure that instead of simply telling everyone what they should do, you help them empathize with each other and understand why they should behave in a particular way.
    Some ways you can support the development of social intelligence in your child include:
    • Support their friendships. Honor and reinforce your child's developing friendships. Talk about them, remember them, create opportunities to play. Remember that children get aggravated with each other, just as adults do. It doesn't mean the end of a friendship, necessarily, just that they need help to work through the issues that come up.
    • Model respectful relating. Remember that your child will treat others as you treat her. Show your child respect, be tactful in the ways you talk to your child about how they are treating others, and help them work out difficulties when they play together.
    • Teach your child that people are important. Teach your child consideration for others. Model it for him early on, praise it, help him brainstorm to solve peer problems, and don't let your child intentionally or unintentionally disrespect another person.
    • Teach kids to express their needs and wants without attacking the other person. For instance:
                "I don't like it when you push in front of me like that" instead of "You're mean!"
                "I need a turn, too!" instead of "You're not letting me have the ball."
    • Help your child learn how to repair rifts in relationships. When we think about repairing relationships, we usually focus on apologizing. Giving children a chance to cool down first always works better and then ask them 'How can you fix it?'. Be sure to model apologies to your children and scaffold this process for them.
    Remember, that teaching and modeling social skills is a process that takes time and patience. Stick to it - we promise you will see the results.
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  • Why Choose a PS - 8th Grade School

    John Suitor, Head of School
    Boulder Country Day has intentionally chosen to focus on preschool through eighth grade and we believe it is among our greatest assets.  We firmly believe that a PS-8 school environment offers distinct advantages during the most critical years of a child’s intellectual, social, and emotional development.
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  • July

    Why School Climate Matters

    At BCD we make a positive school environment a big priority. From excellence in faculty to enthusiasm from parents to attention to physical setting and more, our efforts to develop Bulldog spirit are intentional and strong. But why does it matter?
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  • June

    Phil Mayhoffer working with middle school students

    Philip Mayhoffer selected as a LEGO Master Educator

    BCD MS STEM and Programming teacher, Phil Mayhoffer, has been selected to participate in the first cohort of the US LEGO Education Master Educator program. The program which is designed for educators in early learning through secondary school who currently use LEGO hands-on learning solutions in their classroom. The selected participants embody the LEGO Education mission of enabling success for all students through hands-on learning experiences.

    The 110 LEGO Education Master Educators will enjoy many activities including access to like-minded educators, insider news of special LEGO Education offers and events and recognition. They will also be invited to provide feedback to LEGO hands-on learning solutions and programs.

    “Shining a spotlight on the good work of educators and sharing best practices from classrooms across the country are top priorities for LEGO Education,” said Silver McDonald, head of LEGO Education North America. “It’s why we’re launching the LEGO Education Master Educator program and eagerly awaiting to welcome and start learning from the first cohort of Master Educators.”

    Mr. Mayhoffer instructs several after school Lego courses, as well as, coaches a combined Fist Lego League team made up of students from Boulder Country Day School and the I Have a Dream Foundation of Boulder County (IHAD) (link to news story on First Lego League team). "I am super excited about this opportunity," says Mayhoffer. "I expect that my participation in the program will enrich the classes I teach at BCD and our FIRST LEGO League teams."

    Official Lego Education press release

    BCD homepage

    BCD Summer Camps

    BCD Technology

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  • May

    2018 Shields Fun Run was a huge success

    Thank you Bulldogs for helping us to raise over $13K for scholarship at BCD. 

    Please enjoy this video -

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  • April

    Safe and Brave - BCD Magazine Spring 2018 issue

    In the Spring 2018 issue of the BCD Magazine we cover how students find an environment at BCD where they can feel safe and brave. With stories of bravery in Arts, Academics, Athletics and Service, this issue captures the essence of how we challenge our students to think critically, question bravely, and act responsibly.

    Click here to view the - Spring 2018 issue.
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  • March

    BCD to host Girls Who Code summer camp programs launching Summer 2018

    Boulder Country Day School is proud to be part of Girls Who Code’s expansion plans to reach across the US with a brand new summer program called ‘Campus.’
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  • Arts Week 2018 Highlights Reel

    BCD focuses an entire week on working with visiting artists and delving deeper into their areas of expertise with their guidance. Students from PS - 8th grade love this week of arts immersion.

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  • Walkout in support of safe and healthy school environments

    Today BCD joined so many other schools and students as we held a space for our students and families to participate in a walkout in support of safe and healthy school environments.
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  • BCD MS students attended the lead conference in Chicago

    On Friday, February 15th, members of the BCD Middle School Student Council and other rising middle school leaders traveled to Chicago to attend the LEAD Conference. Alongside hundreds of students from across the nation, the BCD students attended a variety of keynote speakers and breakout sessions focusing on different topics related to leadership.
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  • February

    A great place for students to discover their excellence

    Our Head of School, John Suitor, sat down with Boulder realtor, Lynn Ryan of RE/MAX of Boulder, to share what makes Boulder Country Day unique and a great place for students to discover their excellence.

    Watch the video here. 
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  • Model UN broadens world perspective for Middle School students

    BCD middle school students participated in the Model UN. This event is part of Global Awareness Week, a week designed to emphasize that part of our mission which compels us to educate “responsible, globally aware citizens.” Congratulations to our faculty and students on another thoughtful and engaging Model UN.

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  • January

    Parent Education - Teaching Resiliency on February 21st

    A Rising Tide Lifts All Ships: Building Resiliency 
    We are not born with an inherent understanding of how to manage stress. This is something we learn from watching those around us manage their own stress and through this observation, develop our own tendencies. These tendencies are patterned responses to stress and anxiety and are far more changeable than we often realize. Stress management and distress tolerance are challenging for many of us, not just for young people. In this presentation, we will discuss how stress affects our brains and bodies and how to begin speaking more openly about these challenges in a way that will create space for young people to feel safe joining in that conversation. We will also talk about effective strategies to downshift our nervous systems and to manage stress and anxiety through engagement, rather than distraction, as well as the difference between settling down and settling in.

    Register for this event here
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  • John Suitor Elected Board President of ACIS effective July 1, 2018

    The Association of Colorado Independent Schools (ACIS) includes thirty-six schools with a total of over 10,300 students. 
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  • Career Fair to Promote Diversity - February 24th in Denver - sponsored by BCD and the Colorado Diversity Network

    This event is open to anyone seeking employment opportunities, but is designed primarily to support educators of color considering careers within independent schools. The main objective is to help candidates learn the best ways to navigate and prepare for the independent school hiring process. This event is sponsored by the Colorado Diversity Network, a
    collection of schools interested in creating a statewide network of collaboration for faculty and staff training around issues of equity, inclusion, and diversity to benefit all Association of Colorado Independent Schools (ACIS). CDN Member Schools include: Boulder Country Day School, Colorado Academy, Dawson School, Denver Academy, Graland Country Day School, Kent Denver School, St. Anne’s Episcopal School, and St. Mary’s Academy.
    The fair will be held at the Blair-Caldwell African American Research Library located at 2401 Welton St, Denver, CO 80205 and is free for all candidates. Registration at -
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