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Parent Education - Teaching Resiliency on February 21st

A Rising Tide Lifts All Ships: Building Resiliency 
We are not born with an inherent understanding of how to manage stress. This is something we learn from watching those around us manage their own stress and through this observation, develop our own tendencies. These tendencies are patterned responses to stress and anxiety and are far more changeable than we often realize. Stress management and distress tolerance are challenging for many of us, not just for young people. In this presentation, we will discuss how stress affects our brains and bodies and how to begin speaking more openly about these challenges in a way that will create space for young people to feel safe joining in that conversation. We will also talk about effective strategies to downshift our nervous systems and to manage stress and anxiety through engagement, rather than distraction, as well as the difference between settling down and settling in.

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Jenny Hecht of Karuna Healing is an LCSW with a passion for supporting the specific social-emotional needs of gifted individuals, particularly the existential dilemma many face beginning at a very young age. Her work with gifted individuals extends to consultation and support for educational professionals who work with this population as well as workshops for gifted youth. She has presented at many conferences (CAGT, SENG, Beyond Giftedness, PEN Stress and Anxiety Event) and has been invited to speak in communities throughout Colorado. Her practice focuses on strengthening the distress tolerance skills of those whom she works with through mindfulness practice and supportive examination of the thought patterns that are limiting each individual's potential.  Jenny is the owner of Karuna Healing, LLC, a private psychotherapy practice through which she offers consultation. She is also a yoga teacher in Lafayette where she lives with her husband, Ethan and her 11-year-old daughter, Emma. Visit for additional information.
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