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Construction Zone

Helen Peterson, Preschool Teacher
This week we began a theme on construction, always a favorite with the children. 
The classroom now has various spaces for construction such as a Lego table, a small world construction site, a dramatic play construction zone with tools, the water tray has pipe systems to construct and of course the block area which has seen the addition of cars and roads to enhance imagination. These activities all provide the children with many outlets for imagination, creativity, fine and gross motor skill development, as well as posing mathematical/science concepts such as balance, taller, shorter and symmetry.
We have shared books such as How a House is BuiltBuilding our House and Iggy Peck Architect. The children are learning about all the different roles that go into building a structure and what those jobs involve. I think we have many budding engineers and architects in the classroom right now!
As well as going to science lab this week we had our own Science lab in class following on with our construction theme. I presented the children with a variety of materials such as paper tubes, pipe cleaners, play dough and sticks and gave them the opportunity to make a structure. As they explored and experimented we talked about how strong the structures were, how we could make them bigger or stronger. We also explored bridges, using books such as Bridges are to Cross? The children experimented with building different bridges, finding out how strong they were and problem solving over how to make them stronger. 
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