Preschool through IB Middle School
Equity and Inclusion

Families Sharing Their Cultures in the Classroom
At BCD we strive to create an environment that is welcoming to all our families. In any grade, we love to invite people into our rooms to share their passions, their skills, their knowledge, and their culture. These visits are so much fun and ultimately help us create a better understanding of who we are as a community, recognizing and celebrating the cultural and linguistic diversity of our school.

One year, during or J week, Preschooler, Kyo invited his mother to come and share their Japanese culture. Each week during Thursday lunch time, Kyo and his classmates would plan their activities for the next week with the students sharing lots of ideas. Over the preceding few months, the children had been enthralled by Kyo’s rice balls in his lunch box, not least because there is something in them that dyes some of the rice purple (Japanese basil). Their interest was piqued, and the children were thrilled to be part of the process of making and tasting the aforementioned rice balls. The children rolled the rice balls and wrapped them in seaweed. Each child had at least two. There were two different kinds, one was rice with the basil and the other one was made with dried tuna, sesame seeds and soy sauce. Kyo's older sister, Kannon, came over from her classroom and taught the students how to make origami foxes. The day's sharing was a huge success!
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