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Where are they Now?

Celia Tewey - Class of 2014

Where have you been since your BCD graduation?  Which high school, college, grad school or job?
Since BCD, I went on to attend Fairview High School and I am now in my sophomore year at New York University’s Tisch School of the arts. 
What is your primary area of study or what job are you holding?
At NYU, I am receiving a Major in Film and Television Production with a triple minor in BEMT (Business, Entertainment Media Technologies), Journalism, and Entertainment Producing. 
What special activities have been a part of your college experience such as sports, study abroad, research, etc and why is it of importance to you?
I have found that exploring my own passions outside of the school have been really exciting for me. I am fortunate to be in New York City where a lot of things in the art and media world are always happening. I take the time to enjoy the opportunities that come to me. I have grown to start my own small business taking headshots and portrait photography of people, and I have been able to attend exciting events as a photographer such as New York Fashion Week and Harlem Fashion Week. 
What’s the one positive thing that has come out of COVID-19 isolation in their opinion?
I think that this time gives people time to reflect on themselves. For me, I have found that this time has allowed me to reset, step back, and really focus on what I want to pursue in terms of Film, Television, and Media Producing. I think this time will give a lot of students my age that opportunity to self-reflect on their passions as well. I feel fortunate to be home with my family right now. 
What are the 1-2 things they learned at BCD, or that influenced them while at BCD, that they carry with them today?
Since BCD, I have not been a procrastinator. I see many students around me, but I believe that I learned this skill at BCD. We were always taught how to manage time and workload really well. I also learned how to write professional emails. I specifically remember learning a lot of tips during my capstone project that I still carry with me today on professionalism, writing to adults, and re-checking emails that I send. 
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