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  • November

    2022 BCD Days of Giving - Nov 15 & 16

    BCD will hold our Days of Giving on November 15th & 16th. We are committing two days to achieve one goal. That goal is 100% participation in the BCD Fund. The BCD Fund is our primary fundraising initiative and supports Professional Growth, Diversity & Inclusion, Student Experience, and Financial Assistance. Let’s rally together and raise the funds that show our students, faculty, and staff how much we support them! 

    Click here to donate and thank you!
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  • BCD Magazine - Fall 2022 issue

    We invite you to leaf through our Fall 2022 Issue to hear directly from students and alumni on the importance of the BCD Portrait of a Graduate trait of well-roundedness.
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  • BCD students donated candy to Soldiers' Angels

    Students in preschool – 8th grade collected and donated 217 pounds of excess Halloween candy for donating to the Soldiers' Angels organization. Well done, Bulldogs.

    We wish all veterans and their families a wondering Veterans' Day 2022!
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  • Halloween 2022 Video

    Halloween is a favorite at BCD. We blew it out again this year with our parade and the tradition of the 5th Grade Chant. Well done, Bulldogs!
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  • October

    Kersey's Pumpkin Patch on a Wonderful Fall Day

    The BCD community came together to enjoy a beautiful fall afternoon of activities, snacks and fellowship. 
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  • September

    BCD Back to School Bash a Joyous Reunion

    We capped off the first week back at school with our annual Back to School Bash. It was beyond joyous to be together in person.
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  • June

    BCD CFO awarded NBOA Unsung Hero Award

    BCD CFO, Ann-Marie Tewey, has been awarded the Will Hancock Unsung Hero Award from the National Business Officers Association (NBOA). The Will Hancock Unsung Hero Award is given to business officers who have made an extraordinary and significant difference in their schools. These business officers, in doing their job, exemplify a high standard of integrity, knowledge, and motivation to help their schools succeed. They are team players whose work supports faculty, staff, trustees, and administration. They are both excellent managers and true leaders. In order to be considered for this award, a business officer must have clearly demonstrated an effective mastery of his or her job. Yet more importantly, this individual must have made a significant difference to the school, its staff, and its students.

    Several folks from Ms. Tewey’s tenure with BCD joined us in commending her work.  

    A colleagues wrote, “I have never worked for anyone like Ann-Marie. She is incredibly intelligent, often thinking outside the box for solutions that will work best for the school and the parties involved. Her door is always open, she is compassionate, and she truly cares about each individual person.  Her dedication to the school and its people is inspiring.  I feel lucky and blessed to have worked with her.”
    A former Trustee remarked, “Ann-Marie has been the spine of Boulder Country Day for as long as I can remember.  She is unequivocally one of the most important parts of its history and its success. Ann-Marie is very deserving of the NBOA Will Hancock “Unsung Hero” Award because of the intelligence, passion, and love that she has generously infused into BCD’s soul.”

    Another former Board Chair wrote that he was here when Mrs. Tewey was hired to be our CFO. “So, why did she want the job? First, she loves kids.  She wants what is best for all kids, and particularly those at BCD.  You never have to question what motivates her. Second, she loves BCD.  Beyond her family . . . and her shoe collection, . . . it’s her passion.  Third, I believe, she felt a sense of obligation.  She knew that BCD needed her and that there was no one better to take the job at the time.  Much like a rock star teacher, I think it was a sense of answering a calling for her.”

    And, finally, from another one of her colleagues…”Ann-Marie's steadfast guidance has served as a lighthouse that helped us to navigate rough waters in 2008 when we faced the great recession and again in 2020 when Covid turned the world upside down. Her legacy will live on at BCD for years... in who we are as a school and in all that we do... in large part because of the countless hours’ time, energy, time, and love that she has dedicated to our entire community.”
    Ms. Tewey is more than deserving of the recognition this award represents and we extend our utmost thanks and gratitude for her service to our school.
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  • May

    Congratulations to the class of 2022

    John Suitor, Head of School
    Annually, I visit with 8th graders prior to the end of the school year to learn about their time here, understand what they are looking forward to in high school, and receive some advice on how to continue to advance the mission of BCD. I love the conversations, especially because the students have a chance to reflect on the totality of their BCD education, the memorable experiences they had, and the special moments in their schooling that impacted who they are today.

    I have to tell you I am already inspired by what I am learning. Middle schoolers are often described as beings who are living completely in the “now.” We sometimes think they are so self absorbed that they are incapable of reflecting on the past or looking towards the future. We also make the mistake in assuming that their close social network dominates their lives to the point where they cannot see beyond what’s right in front of them. 

    Not this group. The conversations I am having suggest our 8th graders are wise beyond their years. They are eager to reflect on everything from the lessons they learned from their 2nd grade teachers (Mrs. Zuetell and Mrs. Paradise) to the impact of COVID on their social and emotional state. I’m finding our 8th graders thinking clearly about their futures, excited for expanded opportunities in high school, and the potential for a broader friend base, and nervous about finding their way to class the first week of school. 

    When I ask them about how they’d like to stay connected to BCD, the number one answer is through alumni representation. They want to be the students to share their high school experiences with the next generation of BCD middle schoolers, they are eager to attend performances and games, and they yearn to stay connected with the place that many call their second home. 

    One question I look forward to the most is, “Which characteristic in our Portrait of A Graduate best describes you.” The students don’t give one answer more than others, but their responses share insights on the impact BCD has had on them.
    • Confident - My teachers know me. They give me the confidence to take risks and push through.
    • Well-rounded - I was a good student in some classes when I started middle school. Now I feel like I am a stronger student in ALL classes.
    • Resourceful - Last year (during COVID) was a hard year for me. I pulled myself together and know now how to make use of what I have and what’s available to me.
    • Good Citizen - I learned to be a good community member here. My teachers aren’t just teaching Latin or math. They are helping me be a good person. 
    • Empowered - BCD motivated me in a special way. I know now I am in control of who I am and what I want to be.
    • Kind - BCD teaches kindness and respect every day. I’m better as a person because I came here.
    • Engaged - Our teachers are awesome. They know us. They know how we learn and how our brains work. I’m a better, more engaged student because of them.
    The visits with our graduates also remind me of the impact they’ve had on BCD. In this year’s class, we have leaders, athletes, community servants, academics, and artists. Some, through their Capstone Project, already have an idea of what they want to do with their lives. Others are eager to find out. All have helped make BCD what it is today, leaving a small part of them in all of us and adding new layers to our community. 

    In ancient Greece, citizens of Athens took an oath (also called the Ephebic Oath) which compelled them to contribute to society. The final few lines go something like:

    “We will strive unceasingly to quicken the public’s sense of civic duty. Thus in all ways we will transmit this city not only not less, but greater and more beautiful than it was transmitted to us.” 

    The Class of 2022 has achieved this goal. Our school and its community is, indeed, more greater and more beautiful because of them, their work, and their sense of Bulldog Pride. It’s been my honor and privilege to be their Head of School, and I can’t wait to learn how they will change the world.
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  • April

    BCD 8th Grade Student Named Fall 2021 State Champion in InvestWrite Competition

    Canon Montgomery was recognized by the SIFMA Foundation as the Fall 2021 State Champion for Colorado in the InvestWrite competition. InvestWrite is the culminating activity of The Stock Market Game™, an online game in which students invest and manage a hypothetical $100,000 portfolio of stocks, bonds, mutual funds and cash. For the Fall 2021 competition, students researched and determined an investment portfolio based on a prompt to predict the future and then wrote an essay describing the reasoning of their portfolio choices. Montgomery chose to focus on the future of the wind turbine industry beating out thousands of other students competing in the middle school division.

    Facilitated by The SIFMA Foundation and its volunteer judges, this nationwide essay competition bridges classroom learning in math, social studies, and language arts with the practical research and knowledge required for saving, investing and long-term planning.

    BCD teachers, Catherine Barnes, Design Teacher, and Mikka Meyer, Language and Literature Teacher, combined efforts to assign and inspire their students through the InvestWrite challenge, subsequently submitting to the competition those essays they felt were the best. Barnes and Meyer were honored alongside Montgomery by the SIFMA Foundation during a virtual presentation held at BCD on March 31, 2022.
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  • February

    BCD Parent Education Event - The Upstanders, the film on March 8th

    Watch 'The Upstander' the film and join us for a follow-up conversation with local psychotherapist, Deb Rubin. 

    The Upstanders is an iNDIEFLIX Original documentary about resilience, and the power of connection to end bullying.

    Step 1 ) Watch film during the 48 hour viewing window of March 6th & 7th
    Step 2 ) Join the Zoom conversation - March 8, 2022 from 6:00pm - 7:30pm via Zoom

    Click here to register for film access.

    Ms. Rubin has worked with the BCD community on several events in the past and is highly regarded for her work. Detail for the Zoom conversation will be sent to registrants after the film is viewed.
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  • January

    BCD Parent Education Event - Angst, the film on Feb 8th

    Watch 'Angst' the film and join us for a follow-up conversation with local psychotherapist, Deb Rubin. 

    Angst is an iNDIEFLIX Original documentary to raise awareness about anxiety.

    We will offer a viewing window on February 6th & 7th for registrants to view the film on their own via remote access. On the following, Tuesday, February 8th from 6:00pm - 7:30pm, we will provide a group discussion led by Boulder-based psychotherapist, Deb Rubin via Zoom.

    Click here to register for film access.

    Ms. Rubin has worked with the BCD community on several events in the past and is highly regarded for her work. Detail for the Zoom conversation will be sent to registrants after the film is viewed.
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