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  • May

    BCD's 30th Anniversary Video

    In honor of our 30th anniversary we thought it wise to document our history in print and video. In the Fall issue of the BCD Magazine, we recognized those on whose shoulders we now stand and provided a timeline that traces our school’s development from its founding in 1988 to present day. Below please find a link to the video we showed at our 30th Anniversary Celebration last month. In it, you will see and hear from many of our families, faculty, and alumni –past and present – who reflect on the inspiring history of Boulder Country Day. The level of effort and commitment it took to get us where we are today is remarkable, and we thank all of you for helping to carry our school forward into our next 30 years.

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  • Miss You Already: Why Independent Schools Become Your Family

    John Suitor, Head of School
    Annually, at the end of the school year, I visit with each graduating 8th grader to learn about their experiences at Boulder Country Day.

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  • April

    BCD Celebrates 30th Anniversary

    On Wednesday, April 17th, we held our 30th Anniversary Celebration at the Dairy Center for the Arts in Boulder. The event included performances by alumni musicians Foxman James, senior faculty member at the Boston School of Music Arts, and Henry Dickhoff, professional pianist currently touring with the Glenn Miller Orchestra. As well as performances by Travis and Christine LaBerge, owners of Parlando School of Musical Arts and the BCD Spotlight Singers. It was an elegant evening with 30 years of teachers, parents, grandparents, trustees and alumni joining together to reminisce about the grassroots years, envision a bright future, and celebrate the community that is BCD. Thank you again to all those whose shoulders we stand on. 
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  • Time is of the Essence: A Parent's Perspective on Preschool through 8th Grade

    Patricia Jarvis, Ph.D.
    “I wish I had been here from the beginning”, said my older son half-way through 7th grade at BCD a couple of years ago. When I asked him why, he gave me several reasons: The teachers, the students, the community, the opportunities to explore new interest areas, the leadership opportunities, the service projects, the trips, and last but not least “I am finally getting how to balance academics and the rest of my interests- and I don’t have to choose one or the other- I can just be me”. I liked his answers and with our second son saying to me just the other day that he too wishes he had been at BCD “for more time than I will have here in middle school”, I decided to see how much their comments may be more than a personal story. As a trained education researcher, looking further, deeper and more closely is what I am passionate about; -and when personal experience matches with solid data, I am calling that a “Great Day!”
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  • March

    BCD Travel Program Headed to Santa Fe and Denver in April

    The BCD travel program creates trips tied to curriculum that enhance our IB education and allow BCD students to discover and embrace their excellence and expand their horizons through unique experiences. This April we have two great trips running.
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  • BCD Arts Week 2019: March 11th - 15th

    Next week is Arts Week at BCD. Our students will be exposed to dance, drama, or ceramics depending on what grade they are in. Each year, BCD hosts artists-in-residence during Arts Week. Students work closely with these artists and have the opportunity to delve deeper into a particular medium.

    A recent study covered in this Mindshift article found that "adding time for dance, theater, or visual arts isn’t at odds with traditional measures of academic success". Some statistics even show it improves scores on writing tests. In fact, many would maintain that students' lives are enhanced by exposure to the arts at school and to experiences they would not normally have exposure to. Arts Week is a week that we look forward to and that we strongly believe improves the quality of the education we provide.

    Below is a full schedule of the week's events:
    • Working with PS-2: Ryne Haldeman, Dance (Ovation Studio for the Performing Arts)
    • Working with 3-5: Sean Scrutchins, Drama (Colorado Shakespeare Festival)
    • Working with MS: Todd Redmond, Ceramics (Todd Redmond Contemporary Ceramics)
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  • The Joyful Classroom

    Jill Johnson, Head of Elementary
    When I was a child, the words joy and school were rarely used in the same sentence. Today, as I look around our BCD elementary school building, joyful is the first adjective that comes to my mind. 
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  • February

    2019 BCD Plant Sale

    This spring, BCD is planning a school-wide plant sale to support the Shields Scholarship. 
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  • Why Choose a PS - 8th Grade School

    John Suitor, Head of School
    Boulder Country Day has intentionally chosen to focus on preschool through eighth grade and we believe it is among our greatest assets.  We firmly believe that a PS-8 school environment offers distinct advantages during the most critical years of a child’s intellectual, social, and emotional development.
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  • January

    Middle School students attend Civics Day in Denver

    Boulder Country Day School middle school students and faculty joined eight other Colorado private schools at the Capitol for a Civics Day on Wednesday, January 23rd as part of School Choice Week.

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  • Identity, Difference and Allyship event - Feb 27th at BCD

    On February 27th from 6:00pm - 7:30pm, BCD's Coordinator of Equity & Inclusion, Randi Reinhold will lead a thoughtful conversation on Identity, Difference and Allyship and how we can raise our awareness and challenge stereotypes through reflection and conversation. 

    Research shows that throughout early childhood, children become aware of cultural identities such as gender, race, ethnicity and ability. 
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  • Global Awareness Week at BCD - Jan 22nd - 25th

    Next week is Global Awareness Week at BCD and includes the following events: 
    Celebration of Cultures - January 23rd
    Model UN - January 24th
    Preschool Olympics - January 25th
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