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  • How Young Children Learn Language

    Lorie Shetter, BCD Preschool and Elementary French Teacher
    World Language instruction at Boulder Country Day School starts with students as young as 2 1/2-years old in our preschool. Research analyzed by the education support organization, Ertheo, shows that a major benefit of teaching world language to very young students is an increased ability to connect to other cultures and build tolerance ( Both objectives strongly support BCD’s mission. When working with very young students, the focus is on providing exposure to the new language and instilling a curiosity for cultures around the world. Come Kindergarten, instruction begins to include lots of sensory lessons, allowing the children to explore their world and the new language with their sense of smell and taste.

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  • The POWER of the PAUSE…

    Kath Courter, Head of Preschool
    "No word was ever as effective as a rightly timed pause.” Mark Twain’s quote is wise. It is also some of the best advice out there for parents and teachers. Just stop for a moment and think about it…

    I recently listened to an NPR program in which they interviewed Steve Burns, the legendary host of the television show, Blue’s Clues. During the program they dissected the pace of show and the show’s use of well-timed pauses that, according to Variety Magazine, were "long enough to give the youngest time to think, short enough for the oldest not to get bored." The concept of Blue’s Clues was brilliant! It engaged children in creative and meaningful ways and the shows use of wait-time after asking a question gave children enough time to process the information and solve the problem in the show. To watch a short video clip of Steve Burns using this strategy, click here.
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  • Climbing walls at Outdoor Ed...and beyond

    Dan Welch, Head of Middle School
    When I was walking through the woods during our Outdoor Ed trip, I could hear the indistinct shouts that Middle Schoolers make when they are outside and allowed to use "outside voices". I was heading towards the climbing wall, a triangular pyramid 25 feet in the air. This climbing wall was one of the many activities available for our Middle School students at Outdoor Education at the foot of the Rocky Mountain National forest. Students also had the opportunity to do other activities, including archery, mountain formation, and team building activities.
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  • The Power of Community

    John Suitor, Head of School
    Over the course of this past summer I spent a great deal of time reflecting on the concept at BCD that I find most difficult to quantify: the power of our community. Time and time again, from graduating 8th graders to current families, folks mention the strength of the BCD community as a key component of the education we offer. It’s hard to grasp an objective data point or metric when trying to describe what I’ve come to know and love, so I usually rely on experience to tell our story.
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  • Building Social Intelligence in Preschoolers

    Of all the skills we encourage our children to develop, social intelligence may be the most essential for predicting a fulfilling, successful life. Social intelligence is the ability to effectively negotiate interpersonal interactions and complex social environments. It involves effective communication skills, the ability to read non-verbal cues into how other people are feeling and virtues such as empathy and consideration.
    Children learn appropriate behaviors by emulating adults. The easiest way to help your child learn qualities such as patience, forgiveness, compassion, generosity, and gentleness is to model these qualities in your day-to-day interactions with other people and with your children. 
    Preschoolers are social creatures, generally very interested in other and quick to notice and adopt social norms. They're becoming more able to control themselves, and more able to verbalize their feelings, opening up a host of options beyond for communicating and problem solving.  The preschool years are a perfect opportunity to teach social habits and skills that will help them throughout their lifetime. If you would like to read a fascinating article that was recently in the New York Times about how work places are really just like preschool, click here.
    It is completely natural for preschoolers to experience conflicts. Children this age usually want to have things go their way and yet have other children to play with. The ability to negotiate and compromise is honed through the conflicts that arise between toddlers. Be close by but do not intervene in a conflict until you feel that you absolutely need to. Even when you do intervene, make sure that instead of simply telling everyone what they should do, you help them empathize with each other and understand why they should behave in a particular way.
    Some ways you can support the development of social intelligence in your child include:
    • Support their friendships. Honor and reinforce your child's developing friendships. Talk about them, remember them, create opportunities to play. Remember that children get aggravated with each other, just as adults do. It doesn't mean the end of a friendship, necessarily, just that they need help to work through the issues that come up.
    • Model respectful relating. Remember that your child will treat others as you treat her. Show your child respect, be tactful in the ways you talk to your child about how they are treating others, and help them work out difficulties when they play together.
    • Teach your child that people are important. Teach your child consideration for others. Model it for him early on, praise it, help him brainstorm to solve peer problems, and don't let your child intentionally or unintentionally disrespect another person.
    • Teach kids to express their needs and wants without attacking the other person. For instance:
                "I don't like it when you push in front of me like that" instead of "You're mean!"
                "I need a turn, too!" instead of "You're not letting me have the ball."
    • Help your child learn how to repair rifts in relationships. When we think about repairing relationships, we usually focus on apologizing. Giving children a chance to cool down first always works better and then ask them 'How can you fix it?'. Be sure to model apologies to your children and scaffold this process for them.
    Remember, that teaching and modeling social skills is a process that takes time and patience. Stick to it - we promise you will see the results.
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  • Walkout in support of safe and healthy school environments

    Today BCD joined so many other schools and students as we held a space for our students and families to participate in a walkout in support of safe and healthy school environments.
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  • Classroom ‘Flooding,' a Literacy Advantage

    Jill Johnson, Head of Elementary
    Children are acquiring literacy from birth; from dinner table conversations promoting oral language development, to bedtime storytelling demonstrating that meaning can be made from text, to creating shopping lists which help children learn sounds and alphabetic symbols.

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  • Middle School Science Lab

    Middle School Magic

    by John Suitor, Head of School

    If our Preschool and Elementary school divisions have been described by some as “magical”, then I can only imagine our middle school can be described as transformational.
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  • Focus on Social and Emotional Intelligence

    At BCD we are very focused on creating a positive social and emotional environment and support system for our students for many different reasons. 
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  • The Benefits of Small Class Size

    At Boulder Country Day, we believe in the power of small class size.
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  • Blast off to Preschool - Choosing the best fit for your young learner

    Kath Courter, Preschool Head
    The importance of enrolling young children in a high quality preschool is a no-brainer for many parents. However, choosing the perfect program often feels like a pivotal decision that will impact a family and child for years to come. 
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  • Happiness is..finding the first good book in a series and knowing there are more to follow!

    Tanya Chargualaf, 4th Grade Teacher
    Discovering a love for reading is a joyous moment and is eventful leading up to that point. 
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  • Miss You Already: Why Independent Schools Become Your Family

    John Suitor, Head of School
    Annually, at the end of the school year, I visit with each graduating 8th grader to learn about their experiences at Boulder Country Day.

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  • The Rise of Soft Skills

    John Suitor, Head of School
    Print, online, and social media are awash with stories evaluating the role of SI (social intelligence) and EI (emotional intelligence) in 21st century society. 
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  • The Real Star of the Talent Show was Bravery

    Kath Courter, Preschool Head
    BCD’s talent shows are – hands down – my favorite assemblies of the year. My only disappointment was that I always forget to bring a box of Kleenex… 
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  • 2nd grade puts a new twist on reading comprehension

    During Daily 5 literacy time, second grade readers have moved from a "Guided Reading" model for buddy reading to a fluid "Literature Circle" model for group reading. 
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  • ABCs and 123s of Choosing a Kindergarten Program

    Kath Courter
    There are numerous Kindergarten options available for children and parents. Today, more than ever, parents carefully examine 
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  • Fostering a Love of Writing in Preschool

    Gemma Fagan, Preschool Teacher
    This week Preschool is using drawing and labeling experiences to create individual dictionaries. Each day students have added at least three words (of their own choosing) to their dictionaries. In turn, they use the dictionaries alongside their journals to help build confidence as well as develop appropriate writing habits and strategies.
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  • More Thoughts on Being Thankful

    Allison Doering, 5th Grade Teacher
    This time of year can be a flurry of busy days with too much to do. We are shifting our focus to, "What are we thankful for?" 
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  • Thanksgiving Blog - Learning by Doing

    John Suitor, Head of School
    As we enter the season of thanks, I’ve spent a good deal of time lately thinking about our school and its role in our community. 
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