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Celia Tewey

“I was very interested in filmmaking. I started taking photos, and I loved editing my own videos,” Celia says. “My teachers and peers were so supportive of me, always asking questions that pushed me forward like ‘what’s next?’ and ‘what are you working on now?’”

Read more about how Celia Tewey developed and had her love of film making nutured at BCD in the - Spring 2018 issue of the BCD Magazine

Foxman James - Violinist

After attending Fairview High school where she was a violist in the orchestra and performed with the Front Range Youth Symphony, Foxman (Kelsey) James completed a double- degree program at Lawrence University (BA in Government from the college and BM in Viola Performance from the conservatory). She then attended the Boston Conservatory of Music for graduate study (MM). She is now a studio musician and senior faculty member at the Boston School of Music Arts. In 2014, Foxman published her own violin method book with vibrant, hand-painted illustrations. 
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Kelsey Skinner - Venture Investor

Kelsey Skinner was featured in our Fall 2015 BCD Magazine issue.

BCD challenged Kelsey to believe the she could have it all—good grades, solid sports, fun extracurricular activities—and then helped her achieve it. She adds, “The teachers were supportive and helped shape my zeal, energy, drive, competitive spirit, and ambition!”

Read the full article in the Fall BCD Magazine issue.

Jessa Ellenburg - Air Pollution educator

Jessa Ellenburg (BCD 6th grade class of ’90) received her degree in civil engineering at CU and is currently working at 2B Technologies here in Boulder educating students about air pollution through a mobile air pollution monitoring project called GO3 Treks. Jessa loves what she does and credits BCD faculty with nurturing her career path, “With fewer students per class, teachers had the time and energy to pick up on individual talents. I didn’t even know I loved math, or was good at it, until Dr. Kersey picked up on it and fostered it. They were interested in helping students build upon their strengths and helped take their interests to another level.”

“I think being innovative requires shedding your preconceived notions and trying to think in ways that are risky and unconstrained. It is so important if you want to do things that haven’t been done before or to make something better, or more exciting, or easier to use. Many of the things we do have never been done before. We have to think of ways to get students excited about our project, and on the tech side of things – how to post data online, how to have students and teachers from all over the world communicate about their air pollution data, how to develop instrumentation that is easy to use, etc.

I remember all my time there very fondly.  I felt comfortable and happy.  The teachers really cared about every student.  I thrived there! “

Katie Malzbender - Climate Advocate

Katie Malzbender (BCD Class of ‘05) obtained her masters in Environmental Policy and Regulation at the London School of Economics and is now working on national and international climate advocacy with Al Gore's organization, The Climate Reality Project, in their Boulder office. Katie believes that, “Innovation requires a willingness to see all sides of a challenge and to consider new and sometimes conflicting viewpoints to come up with the best solution. It requires an unbiased approach and ultimately a desire to do good and make things better.” In her campaign planning and advocacy work, Katie has to be innovative in coming up with new ways to reach both empowered decision-makers as well as voters. In addition, training volunteers from all over the world requires finding inventive ways to convey a message to people of various backgrounds, cultures, and political frameworks. Katie recalls her teachers at BCD emphasizing the importance of creative thinking by letting students find their own ways to tackle challenges. By teaching the process rather than the outcome in courses from Science to History to Literature, teachers enable students to learn how to think critically and creatively.

Ariel Mata Peele - News Producer

As a News Producer for NBC News in New York City, Ariel Mata Peele (BCD fifth grade Class of ’98) spends her days creatively contemplating what the next big question people will want answered will be. Her goal is to stay ahead of the news curve. Creativity has always come naturally for Mata, usually in the form of writing, for which she remembers being encouraged by Mr. Kersey and others at BCD. “His encouragement gave me confidence,” she shares. Mata continued to write into her high school years for the school newspaper and went on to major in Broadcast Journalism and Political Science at CU Boulder. Working at Channel 9 in the 21st century has put a whole new twist on “working the beat”. As the behind the scenes producer, creative ways to engage viewers never cease to evolve. From the second screen experience, to podcasts, to web extras, to social media, her ability to creatively tell a story is challenged every day.

Ryan Wibby - Owner, Wibby brewing Co

While studying chemistry at Ithaca College, Ryan Wibby (BCD 5th grade class of ‘96) had a chemistry professor interest him in home brewing and he was hooked. He immediately became an avid homebrewer which lead to a series of employment stints: first as a tour guide, then a bottling line operator, then an assistant brewer, then shift brewer. Ryan went on complete the Certified Brewmaster Course in Berlin, Germany and work as a brewing intern at the VLB-Berlin (  Upon returning to the states, he was hired as a brewer at Deschutes Brewery in Bend, OR which is the 5th largest craft brewery in the country. While working at Deschutes, he wrote the Wibby Brewing business plan then moved back to Colorado in 2014 to start up his own brewery. Wibby Brewery opened their doors on Labor Day 2015 in Longmont, CO.
    • Alumni cathcing up at an Avs game

      Alumni cathcing up at an Avs game

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