Preschool through IB Middle School
Letter to Parents


What makes BCD such a special place? BCD instills a sense of community in all of us and engenders kindness and giving through education every day. As parents we learn as much about the world through the generosity of BCD as our children learn in the classrooms. You can’t find that anywhere else.  

– Current Parent
Being at BCD means that I feel like I am part of a community and that I have lots of people around me that care about me. I know I am getting a great education while having fun. BCD is caring, challenging and amazing. 

– Middle School Student  

At BCD there is a sense of truly belonging, growth at their own individual rate, and a sense of community. The faculty is exceptionally cohesive, caring, and encouraging. 

– Alumni Parent 

BCD has been transformative for our middle school student. Coming out of public elementary, we knew we wanted a smaller environment for his middle school years where he would learn to better self-advocate and hone his study skills. His and our experience has been excellent and we believe he is truly thriving at this school.

– Current Parent 
We moved our child from Waldorf in the second grade because we felt she was falling behind in the basics compared to her peers who were not in Waldorf. We didn't realize how behind she really was until we were faced with her attending BCD and working in a truly real world, academic environment. It has taken her almost two years to catch up and countless hours of tutoring and genuine support of the school. In this regard, the teachers and administration have gone out of their way to create a safe, supportive environment and one-on-one attention that has allowed our daughter to gain both the skills and confidence to not only get caught up but to thrive. BCD has given our our child the foundation to make sure she has the skills and tools necessary to compete and find a place in the new global achievement environment. We are so THANKFUL. 

- Current Parent 

I felt like my child’s teachers were part of our team. We turned to each other for insight and with understanding. That created an environment where school was in many ways a continuation of home and our values of respect and responsibility.  When she graduated from preschool (5 years old) she said she hoped by the time she goes to college that BCD has a college so she could stay there forever and then be a teacher there after college.   

– Current Parent
This year my child learned that school is where you take academic risks. That it’s ok to make mistakes and how to learn through that. Her confidence soared when she saw how safe it was to learn there. 

– Parent

I'm a student, and I just moved here. Nobody at this school said, "Hey, look at the new kid" They were very welcoming; the first day somebody asked me to play with them. Now, I have some great friends. It's the best school I have ever been to. GO BULLDOGS!

– Current Student

have a son who is enrolled for the second year in BCD's preschool program. My family has encountered many wonderful teachers at a variety of Boulder schools over the years -- but never before has one of my children BEGGED me to hurry up each morning so that he can get to school. Without exception, all of the BCD teachers and staff we have encountered have been warm, attentive, and genuinely vested in my son's growth and development, both academically and socially. They really go the extra mile and it shows! We have seen him change from a crying toddler to a mature four year old who loves to learn, listens to rules, and plays respectfully with friends. This is a truly wonderful preschool program.

– Current Parent
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Boulder Country Day School, where academic distinction meets education with character. BCD is a top rated, accredited private school in Boulder, Colorado where every child has the opportunity to discover their own unique excellence. Distinguished by small class sizes, outstanding faculty, engaging academics and a focus on community, our preschool, elementary and IB middle school teachers strive to create a well-rounded educational environment that balances traditional subjects with the arts, world languages, athletics and project-based learning.