Preschool through IB Middle School

Physical Education

Physical Education is provided for grades kindergarten through eighth at Boulder Country Day. BCD is firmly committed to the philosophy of "sound body, sound mind". The development of the body and the development of the mind go hand in hand. Cognitive development is enhanced when balanced with a healthy lifestyle. The PE program is geared to inspire young adults to take interest in their health and physical fitness. It is designed with the idea of developing the whole child.

PE is not solely about playing games. During the primary years, there are many coordination and movement skills that must be acquired to be successful in the future years. The necessary elements of physical education include body control, spatial awareness, adventure challenge, athletics, movement to music, games, gymnastics, and health related activities. Like other academic courses offered at Boulder Country Day, physical education encourages students to explore new challenges and ask questions.

Consistent with the Colorado Model Content Standards for Physical Education, students must engage in several different types of physical activities and learning. Standard one states that students must demonstrate competent skills in a variety of physical activities and sports. Standard two indicates students should demonstrate competency in physical fitness. By standard three, students have to demonstrate the knowledge of factors important to participation in physical activity. The curriculum for physical education at Boulder Country Day not only fulfills the standards, but also helps students to explore subject further with focus, repetition and fun games, competitions and sports.

In the middle school program, students choose from a large selection of PE classes. Each class stresses growing stronger, more flexible and agile, and they are encouraged by the documented increases in their physical fitness to continue and step up their training.

Boulder Country Day also uses its PE program to stimulate interest in our various individual and team sports. For some of the core sports we offer a second unit to further instill and develop the skills necessary for one to be successful. Many students, who otherwise would not consider joining a competitive team, gain the confidence and the skills to participate with various teams and enjoy continued success at the competitive level. This philosophy has led to virtually all BCD students participating in the middle school competitive sports program at our school as well as various club teams.

Boulder Country Day's PE program also emphasizes sportsmanship and leadership. Attitude and effort are paramount and instructors teach the students to be able to organize themselves and police themselves as they compete or train. Students take responsibility not only for their actions but also for their physical development which in turn promotes confidence and enhanced leadership skills.

BCD's Health Education

Students of all grades at Boulder Country Day follow the Colorado and National standards for health education. In cooperation with science, school counseling, and classroom teachers, the health curriculum is presented during physical education classes. Each grade level follows the state and national standards for health education during physical education and is supplemented with lessons taught in science as well as in the classroom.
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